Perky - Win Made by Mini Products

Perky - Win Made by Mini Products

  • $60.00
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What ever number Perky jumps on when pulling bananas is what you win. 

You can win anything from the Made by Mini range - combos of items, store credit to choose your own items etc. 

  1. loofah soap, body butter, sphere bomb With sterling cage
  2. Body wash, waffle soap, 20 mini melts $20 MBM voucher
  3. Candle, carpet refresher, whipped soap, $30 MBM voucher
  4. 2x lipbalms, Kawakawa balm, body wash, $30 MBM voucher
  5. Sphere Bomb with sterling cage, 2 bathbombs, waffle wax melts (2 pack)
  6. 2x candles, 2x loofah soaps, body wash, $30 MBM voucher
  7. Crystal Candle, body butter, whipped soap, $10 MBM voucher
  8. Facial serum, cuticle balm, sphere bomb with sterling cage
  9. 10 MBM love letters, cuticle oil.
  10. Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, 5x MBM love letters
  11. 3x roller balls, massage oil, facial serum
  12. 2x body butter, 5x MBM love letters, $10 MBM voucher

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