No Prob Llama - A Card Game of Chance

No Prob Llama - A Card Game of Chance

  • $100.00
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You get 10 random cards. 5 blue purple or pink, 2 green, 3 orange. The red exclamation mark can be anywhere. 

Blue - You win an at home tumble stone reveal

Purple - You win an at home pearl reveal

Pink - You win an at home sphere reveal

Green Star -

Animal swap; means you can swap any of your reveals and add 2 more.

Llama Bomb; means you get 2 more reveal picks of your choice. Made by Mini Sphere Bomb.

Orange Arrow -

Llama Piñata; any sterling silver cage of your choice.

Ramstar Energy Drink; you double everything you have won at the point the card is revealed.

Llama Kick; any 2 sterling silver cages of your choice.

Llamaste; 2 pearl reveals, 2 sphere reveals and 2 tumble stone reveals, 2 sterling silver cage picks.

No Probllama (jackpot); 6 lucky balls

Red Exclamation Mark -  Alpaca Your Bags; game ceases ( we will make sure you still get your monies worth)